Noah Loesberg

Noah Loesberg held residency at Dieu Donné Papermill as a 2004 Workspace Program Artist. Loesberg’s work is architecturally based, derived from personal interaction with our constructed environment. Much of Noah’s work relates to his experience with carpentry, focused on the simple designs we connect with on a daily basis, including interior design and street-level construction. Removing them from their original context as individual designs, Noah renders them as beautiful, solitary constructions.

While working with Artistic Director, Paul Wong during his seven-day residency, Loesberg created a series of two-dimensional works utilizing a number of papermaking techniques. Paul and Noah worked with fine mylar stencils, laid upon a wet, freshly couched base sheet of cotton. A thin mixture of highly pigmented linen pulp was then washed over the stencils, allowing the pulp to seep through the stencil’s small, linear openings. The result was a subtle, yet uncontrolled bleed, since the pigment had not been completely retained within the linen fibers.

Loesberg also worked with a blowout technique that translated his linear schematics into a softer focus. Implementing pulp of various charcoal tones, Noah created shadowy imagery by laying down a flat, masked image onto a freshly formed layer of pulp on the mould. Washing away the fibers that were left unprotected by the mask, a silhouette image of pulp remained. The image was then couched onto another full, wet, backing sheet. The result is a soft, fuzzy edge that causes the image to fluxuate, in and out of focus. Noah also combined blowout and stenciling techniques to create a sense of spatial definition between the crisp linear and soft graphic elements.

Noah Loesberg received his BA in 1990 from Bennington College and his MFA in 1994 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.