Nina Lola Bachhuber

Unlike most other people of my generation, I have an aversion to cell phones, kindles and other electronic devices. I am still using paper everyday to write grocery lists, letters, notes, and of course for my drawings.

Prior to my residency at Dieu Donné I often used hair in my sculptural work and paper for my drawings and was curious if and how these two materials could be combined. After some experimentation in the wet studio it became clear to me that not only the surface of the paper but also the size of the sheets mattered a lot. Only large sheets of paper would translate the physical and psychological oddity of black hair protruding from a white field. Forming the sheet and seeing the final result seemed almost like a blind date as the hair could only be inserted after the sheet had dried, only then could I decide upon its quality and “personality”. Some of these works have a more minimal, abstract aesthetic; others seem to have a strangely physical, brazen, surreal, if not sexual connotation.

Certainly, this project would not have been possible without my collaborator, Paul Wong’s extensive experience and craftsmanship.

What remains yet to be figured out is how to keep the wet-lock of a sheet of paper, and how to be adopted by Dieu Donné. — Nina Lola Bachhuber, 2011

Nina Lola Bachhuber (b. 1971 Munich, Germany) lives and works in New York. She obtained her Masters of Fine Arts at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg.

Nina Lola Bachhuber with Studio Collaborator & Artistic Director Paul Wong
Nina Lola Bachhuber with Studio Collaborator & Artistic Director Paul Wong