Matt Keegan

Recently, Matt Keegan has been thinking about the myriad possibilities of language, social history projects, cities, archives, and ways to map and record time. Exploring these issues through diverse working practices such as sculpture, photography, and printmaking, the artist often returns to text based imagery and utilizes texture, surface, and repetition to activate the work for the viewer.

In the Workspace residency Matt Keegan used stenciling techniques and various pulp manipulation processes to interpret his conceptual plays of words and patterns. The artist created hand-cut stencils focusing on a single word set and utilized them in conjunction with wet-collage techniques to create a series of unique compositions. During his residency at Dieu Donné the artist produced two series of monoprints: Work From Home and Picture Perfect. Keegan, accustomed to working with familiar phrases, uses a simple system to edit down options of phrases to work with by choosing text that has a symmetry – the same number of letters in each phrase. In the case of Work From Home, the phrase was chosen when the artist came upon it in a subway ad for home employment reading “Trabaje Desde Casa.”
— Matt Keegan, 2010

Matt Keegan is an artist based in New York. The artist is the co-founder and publisher of North Drive Press.