Glen Baldridge

In his work, Baldridge utilizes a diverse set of visual and material cues drawn from sources as diverse as found coffin catalogues, losing lottery tickets, trompe l’oeil bullet holes, and knife infomercials to convey a gravely ambivalent approach toward consumerism and mortality. Through his use of various media, Baldridge offers us several scenarios through which to view a future somehow at rest right on the edge of physical violence or destruction, or alternating between success and failure, all the while maintaining a humor that belies the severity and darkness of his themes.

In his Workspace Residency work Glen Baldridge continued to explore the themes of youthful expectation, coming of age and the fear of adulthood. Using image construction and stenciling techniques specific to hand papermaking he deconstructed appropriated images resulting in three series of works: Roll Again, based on a space on the classic board game Trivial Pursuit; Grandma’s Boy, inspired by a scene from the now classic stoner movie by the same name; and Shrooms (2007) and The Tripper (2006), two movie posters based on contemporary slasher movies about hippie/drug culture.
— Glen Baldridge, 2010

Glen Baldridge graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1999 with a BFA in printmaking. Living and working in Brooklyn, he is represented by Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.