Firelei Báez and Saya Woolfalk – The IMC Lab + Gallery

Firelei Báez (’13) and Saya Woolfalk (’12) are currently included in the exhibition “Masqueraders Are the Ancestors of Protestors:  A Celebration of the Mask As a Tool of Social Change” presented by The IMC Lab + Gallery and SOL’SAX, on view through June 27, 2013. SOL’SAX organizes Jubilees every year to celebrate Juneteenth, an American holiday commemorating the liberation of the last slaves in Texas on June 19th 1865. Each year the Jubilee focuses on a specific cultural product that has been used by culture soldiers to create social freedom. In this show Saya Woolfalk, Firelei Báez, and SOL’SAX celebrate the tradition of honored reverence through masking. On Juneteenth (June 19th) there will be a Jubilee Masquerade where attendees will be encouraged to bring their own mask.

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