Ethan Greenbaum

Ethan Greenbaum uses a range of digital and sculptural processes to excavate and reframe the built environment. His multimedia works link digital representation, architectural construction, and increasingly, language.

During the artist’s time at Dieu Donné, he worked closely with collaborator Paul Wong to create a series of cast paper prints that emulate faux stone walls and building supply logos. The prints were created in tandem with Greenbaum’s existing works in media such as vacuum formed photos, CNC carved corian and 3D powder prints.

Artist’s Statement
I was honored and excited to receive a Dieu Donné Workspace Program Residency. Much of my current multimedia work is linked with the traditions of paper printmaking, but I’ve had relatively few chances to work with paper casting or printing on paper. Cast paper is an exciting medium for me and provides an interesting metaphor to some of my subjects, like foam stones or formica, that are also compressed particulates imitating a natural material.

I am extremely grateful to my studio collaborator, expert papermaker Paul Wong, and the entire staff at Dieu Donné. Paul is incredibly patient, funny and was a true partner in the process. He anticipated problems and suggested ideas and possibilities that I would never have come up with on my own. The entire team at Dieu Donne are unfailingly kind, helpful and supportive. They provide a wonderful studio environment and I’m deeply thankful for their efforts.

— Ethan Greenbaum, 2015

Born in New Jersey, Ethan Greenbaum obtained an MFA from Yale University. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He is represented by KANSAS, New York.