Emily Noelle Lambert

My work is about the state of flux and the conversation between sculpture, painting, drawing, and printmaking.  Painting piggybacks on top of sculpture, while simultaneously guiding the prints. My interest lies in the language of the actions between color, shape, texture, and how the constructed conversation speaks. I want the work to have a beginner’s space of play, a space that allows me to move the work forward with curiosity.

The Dieu Donné Workspace Program provided a caldron for seeing my process in a microcosm.  Each session was like an individual dance between myself and the material. I created molds out of scraps of wood and tried to mash the paper pulp into the spaces, draped bits of paper around fishing ropes, scraps of lace, and tulle. I was left looking at a multi-dimensional piece of paper that seemed to closely resemble a birthday cake iced by chaos. 

Returning to Dieu Donné once the paper had been dried and pressed, and seeing how each piece transformed was always thrilling. The paper itself, a colorful hodgepodge, was now a stiffer version of the birthday cake. I determined more order was needed and I gave myself the structure of a grid confined within a two-dimensional plane to hang the work upon. Towards the end, we rehydrated some of the dimensional pieces and pressed them into the flat works, which transformed the surface.

I loved being in the space at Dieu Donné working with the vibrant pulps, tactile and slippery. As a beginner with this transformative process I had the chance to learn something new and filter in my own language through this form.

This was a process of swimming in the dynamic relationship between paper, painting and sculpture. I am grateful to the entire staff of Dieu Donné, particularly Lisa Switaliski who was my ring- leader, helping me tame my lions, and relight the flaming hoop for them to jump through.

— Emily Noelle Lambert, 2014

Emily Noelle Lambert lives and works in New York City. She is represented by Lu Magnus.