Brad Brown


Brad Brown worked with Paul Wong to macerate and recycle existing drawings, turning them into new works comprised of paper. This series of “continuous drawings” dates back to 1987, collecting both conscious and incidental marks. Brad keeps the drawings active and unfinished, allowing them to develop over time and be affected by various forces. When he feels the drawings are sufficiently charged with life, he arrests them in spatial fields. The focal point of Brad’s work is process by means of repetition, spontaneity and fragmentation. Brad has been working with pulp-painting through mylar stencils and is currently experimenting with different pigment reactions on various fibers.

I enjoyed the experimentation. In a situation like this I think it is important to stay open and flexible. Let the new process inform and give definition, instead of coming in with a specific project that you want to bend the medium to fit.

—Brad Brown, 2006


Brad holds a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University. Brad now lives and works in San Francisco.